26 tips for better nature photos

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This is a material that contains no 100, not 50, but 26 tips to make better nature photos. Why 26? Why not? After all, it does not matter the number of tips; It may be one, but if it helps you become better or more creative then I would be pleased and I can say that I have achieved my goal. You will think that there are simple tips, everyone gives advice, some may have heard them, others do not; But there are also some tips that require little thought and meditation to better understand what they are about and use when photographing. Maybe there are not the best tips and maybe it will not help you, but if it still helps? I do not guarantee that after reading these tips you will become better photographers, but I can say that I have used them and I still use them and sometimes I also manage to take a photo. You have heard well because there are not all photos, there are still pictures!

The photo, despite what the world and camera manufacturers say is not an easy-to-learn craft. Like any road to craftsmanship, the way forward is not simple; It takes effort, time and practice. The best thing you can do with these tips is to meditate on them and use them when you shoot. Try to see beyond words. Reading about photography is important, but photographing is essential. Just in this way you learn best, trying and failing again and again, sometimes being pleasantly surprised by some successes.
The best advice I can give you is: go and shoot what you feel. Take a lot of pictures, live with them, study them and ask what you like, what you do not like and why? And then go and shoot more!