My name is Cosmin Ovidiu Stan, a native from Romania who lives in Hunedoara. I am an international awarded photographer. My passion is to photograph wonderful places from my country, especially in the mountain areas. Photography is the best way to express myself.

I create landscape photographs that encourage the viewer to escape their physical space and meditate on their thoughts.

I create original photographs, high quality.


Uniting two passions, trekking and photography, landscape photography was the inevitable progression that just had to happen. Everything I know about photography I have learned on my own. Of course, I have been inspired by many and continue to be inspired, my style is constantly developing and evolving with each hike I make. The photos I take are not documentary ones. Each image is carefully edited because the camera cannot capture it the same way we perceive it with our eyes.

Some images may even seem surreal though they are real. The difference is they were photographed in an unusual light. Each photo is a part of my inner self, a subjective interpretation of a scene, moment or place. My relentless pursuit of the perfect image will be an ongoing adventure that will never end. If my images connect with you for just 30 seconds, my mission is accomplished. So now, I invite you to join me in this adventure.

Benefits to have my artwork in your house:

– create inspiration in the home
– elevate spaces by adding sophistication and high-end aestethic
– create awarness of the need to focus on the self, meditation and that growth happen from within

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